Peter is an awesome trainer! I have had four trainers trying to train my dog Mandy. They all said it would take a long time to get her trained. Peter came in and educated us on how are dogs brains worked and how to build trust and how to be a pack leader. Within 2 weeks of our first visit, Mandy is calmer and learning everyday. I would refer him to anyone that wants a real trainer with real results. Thanks Peter for all you have done for my dogs and my family!!

I mentioned our trainer, Pete,  on a recent visit with our vet’s staff and gave a high recommendation. We are so pleased and grateful for all that we are learning! Ellie is doing so much better! Pete made everything easy to understand and follow. We were seeing results within minutes and were pleased we didn’t need to use an electronic collar.


This is to recommend Peter Plourde as an outstanding dog trainer with Better Manners Dog Training. Not only does he get quick and satisfactory results, but he listens carefully to questions and comments from the owners. In this way, he is able to detect problems the owners may inadvertently be causing and correct them. He is kind and sensitive to both the dog and the owners! Moreover, he responds quickly to emails and phone calls. I highly recommend him without any reservations.

I love that Peter is available to help me out at anytime. He has been there for me for any of my needs with my dogs,

I remain amazed at the results! Pete has been very patient with training the humans. This truly was us building and maintaining a relationship with our dogs instead of a “training” The concept is easy to understand and integrate into our relationships with our dogs. It really works! Thank you so much.

WOW! We saw a HUGE progress in aggression control with our little adoptee in one session. We think Pete is great. Everyone should call Pete!

As a veterinary technician, I have access to many different trainers but I very much agree with Pete’s training philosophy and techniques. I will definitely recommend you!

Pete used human analogies that we could understand to shape our dogs behaviors. We noticed a difference in 5-10 minutes! Pete was also very responsive to our needs and schedule.

We were able to walk our two pulling Golden Retrievers on loose leashes both individually and in tandem within an hour! The instruction was very effective and results are more immediate than other training techniques we’ve used in the past. Although there is a lot of information to digest, I would absolutely recommend Pete for any of your dog training needs.

Pete is an outstanding instructor- to people and dogs alike! I saw near instantaneous results from Pete’s techniques, and I now know how to easily keep reinforcing the desired behaviors on my own.

I really enjoyed sessions with Peter. He was very supportive, informative, and made the process easy to understand.